The Cathedral Preschool inspires an exceptional degree of devotion from its community—parents, teachers,and staff are passionately connected to the school and deeply committed to its fundamental role as the beginning of a child’s educational path. Characterized by a warm and nurturing environment, distinguished by a challenging and age-appropriate curriculum, guided by a clear and balanced mission, and facilitated by a talented and devoted faculty, the preschool gives children their very first school home—and having enjoyed such a meaningful and welcoming foundation, families remain deeply connected to the school for years to come.

Memorial Donations for Franklin Gray III:

The Cathedral Preschool has been blessed and honored by the generosity of the Gray family.  In order to make an online donation in the memory of Franklin Gray III, please click here

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Mothers' Day Celebrations

The Cathedral Preschool is excited to celebrate our Mothers during the week of May 2nd. While you are at the preschool, you will have the opportunity to purchase our new cookbook, The Family Table.  Once you see it, you will want to give a copy to all of the mothers in your life.  

Coming Soon

The Cathedral Preschool's cookbook, The Family Table, is almost here!  Please join us in thanking Lelia Pratt, Clay Underwood, Alice Park, Chaffee Heilman, and their many volunteers for the countless hours that they have spent on this amazing project.
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