Special Services

The Cathedral Preschool believes in the importance and benefit of early intervention.  While we do not provide speech therapy, occupational therapy or treatment for hearing or vision problems, teachers and administrators are able to conference with parents on an as needed basis and provide referrals to resources in the metro Atlanta area.  The following special services are available at the preschool:

Vision Screening

Each year students in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes take part in vision screening by Prevent Blindness.

Occupational Therapy Screening                                                                                                                

Students at the Pre-K and Kindergarten level, with parent permission, are screened for fine motor/gross motor/perceptual skills.  Students at the three year old level are able to participate in screenings for an additional fee.

Speech and Hearing Screening                                                                                                                  

Students at the three year old level and new Pre-K and Kindergarten students, with parent permission, are screened for speech/language/hearing by a licensed speech and language pathologist.